Flame in a Can

Flame in a CanFlame in a Can is a revolutionary Australian made alternative to outdoor candles, tiki torches, lanterns and electric lights.

Just open the lid, light the wick and enjoy up to 6 hours of bright, wind proof flame that will add a magical ambience to any outdoor area.
Flame in a Can is easily lit, extinguished and re-lit as required. No messy pouring or fuel spillage. When empty, simply dispose of the can and replace it with another. Easy, clean and safe.
Flame in a Can has no ugly black smoke, no unpleasant odours and no melted wax residue. It comes in Unscented and Citronella (natural insect repellent) versions.

Why bother with messy, smelly, expensive and unreliable candles and outdoor lanterns. Use Flame in a Can instead.

Why is Flame in a Can better?

Flame in a Can is the perfect way to enjoy a bright decorative flame in your outdoor dining, BBQ or entertaining area.  Keep the bugs away with the powerful Citronella version.

BETTER than outdoor candles – No messy wax residue; Extremely wind resistant; Larger, brighter flame; Very cost effective; Extremely versatile; No glass cover required.

BETTER than tiki torches and outdoor lanterns – No messy and dangerous fuel pouring required; No black smoke; No unpleasant odours; Greater wind resistance; No fuel spillage risk (Flame in a Can ONLY burns on the wick and so will not chase any spilled fuel); Larger, brighter flame.

BETTER than electric lighting – More ambience; More versatile; Citronella version provides protection from insects without “zapping” them with electric devices.

How Can I use Flame in a Can?

You can use Flame in a Can in many different ways and places. Flame in a Can is perfect for Outdoor Entertaining, Parties and Functions, Weddings, Garden Settings, Camping, Pubs and Clubs, Pool Surrounds, Emergency Lighting and as an alternative to smelly and smokey Tiki Torches. Listed below are some ideas for using Flame in a Can.

  • On its own – just open the lid, light the wick and place the can wherever you want a bright, wind resistant flame. The Citronella version will repel insects from a much larger area than traditional citronella candles.
  • Conceal the can in an attractive, durable ceramic fire pot – available in many colours and styles from this website.
  • Use an existing terracotta or other heat resistant pot. Fill your pot with sand and make a hole for the can to sit in. Use those old flower pots in a new and exciting way!
  • Surround the can with river stones, sand or other attractive, heat resistant natural items.
  • Make your own outdoor fireplace and use Flame in a Can whenever you want an outdoor flame. You can even use Unscented Flame in a Can indoors as there is no risk of fuel spillage starting a fire (of course the normal risks surrounding the use of any open flame still apply)
  • Use your imagination – make your own container from an old can...